11 more U15 girls

July 30, 2017

Dhaka, July 30: The ongoing girls’ residency programme has had eleven new additions with the new U15 girls joining in.

Selection of these new 11 girls for the training programme at the BFF House takes the number of participants in the residency programme to 37.

Paul Smalley, the technical director said the new girls have already started their training alongside the older counterparts. He further clarified that the original U16 squad had several players who were from younger age groups. “So this is really 11 additional players to the available pool of U15 players already in training as part of the U16 squad.”

The U16 squad has been in a residency programme for the entire year in preparation for the AFC Championship in Thailand this September. The U15, however, will be training with the SAFF championship in mind, which will be in Dhaka this November.

Smalley said that the entire contingent of players will continue their residency through the year.


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