BFF AFC ‘B’ Certificate Coaching Course: First phase a success

October 25, 2017

Dhaka, October 25: The first ever BFF AFC ‘B’ Certificate Coaching Course, designed to educate coaches in the advanced techniques and skills of the game and help them develop a better understanding of individuals or groups of players, marked its end last Monday.

The 10-day course began on October 14 with an attendance of 22 trained coaches under the supervision of Bangladesh Football Federation technical director Paul Smalley.

This is the first ever international standard ‘B’ level coaching course organized by the BFF, which is accredited by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC).

Throughout the course, participants had to take part in 60-hour long theoretical sessions while they spent 43-hours gaining firsthand experience on fields. The rest of the 120-hour long course includes post course assignments and presentations that the participants will have to complete. Half of this procedure has been completed in the first phase while the rest remains to be completed on the second.

Coaches, who had minimum 2-years of experience in game training, had to cover advanced training and tick mental requirements for the game. In addition to that, the coaches had to demonstrate their level of retention by successfully completing objective-based tasks after the first half of the course.

Sabina Khatun, skipper of Bangladesh women’s national team, was also a participant of the course. The 22-year-old said that she had always planned to be involved in coaching after hanging up her boots. “I completed my C license course back in 2013 and I am more than eager to complete the B license course”.

The Satkhira-born football star hopes to play a part in the development of women’s football in the country by becoming a quality coach herself.

Trainee Md Zulfiker Mahmud Mintu sounded delighted while talking about the B license course. Underlining the importance of quality coaches in developing quality footballers, he said that this course will help him become an even better coach with newly learned techniques and tactics.

Reiterating his words Md Tajuddin Taju, another of the trainees, said that instructor Paul Smalley played a big part in imparting the knowledge of modern football to the trainees through this course.

Mirona (25), a colleague of Sabina in the national team, also expressed her happiness for being able to take part in the course. “I’m grateful to the BFF for this course and I also hope to take part in the A license course, given I complete the B course successfully.”

The second part of the course will be attended by the ones who have successfully completed the first part.

The course will end with three sessions of practical exams and two theoretical exams. The examination will focus on the practical coaching abilities, and knowledge and understanding of the theoretical contents of the game.

Aside from being physically and medically fit, the applicants must have a valid coaching licence of the previous level. Completion of the B certificate coaching course will enable coaches to work with senior players, grassroots and youth levels.

Satisfied with the response from the trainees, instructor Paul Smalley said, “The student coaches adapted extremely well to a fresh modern curriculum and their development was certainly noticeable over the 10 days.”

Paul confirmed the participation of 22 student coaches including 2 from India. “Each of the 22 participants attended all aspects of the course from 9-6 with some evening tutorials.”

Talking about the details of the course, he said, “Part 1 of the B Certificate Course involved knowledge theoretical classes, tactical football scenarios, practical coaching demonstrations, student coaches’ practical coaching practice, group tasks and research work.”

“Between Part 1 and Part 2, student coaches will have 4 interim post course tasks to complete,” Paul added.

Shedding some light on the first ever A Certificate Course soon to be arranged by BFF, Paul said, “The A Certificate Course (commencing 28th October) is also divided into 2 Parts. It consists of knowledge theoretical classes, tactical football scenarios, practical coaching demonstrations, student coaches practical coaching practice, group tasks and research work on a more advanced level.”

Paul Smalley, also the BFF technical director, confirmed that the second part of the B License Course will begin on March 24, 2018.

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