BFF Emergency Executive Committee Meeting held at BFF House

September 8, 2019

An emergency Executive Committee meeting was held on 31st August. 2019. Saturday at 2 pm at the BFF board room. The meeting was presided by BFF President, Mr. Kazi Salahuddin.

The following decisions were taken unanimously at the meeting :

  • According to Bangladesh Premier League 2018-19’s by-laws regulations, the last two-team of the bottom will be relegated and will participate in Bangladesh Champions League.
  • According to Bangladesh Champions League 2018-19’s by-laws regulations, The top two teams will advance to Bangladesh Premier League and the bottom two teams will be relegated and will participate in the ‘Senior Division Football League.
  • The participating clubs of Bangladesh Premier League 2019-20 can register a maximum 5 foreign players. Only 4 foreign players can play during match time and the other foreign player can’t be a substitute for 4 foreign players. One of the 4 foreign players has to be from Asia. 
  • To run the Bangladesh Premier League 2019-20, two or three more venues will be added beside Dhaka. The final decision will be taken after monitoring and visiting the probable stadium infrastructure.


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