Olympic qualifiers: Bengal girls go down 5-0 to Myanmar

November 8, 2018

Yangon: The qualifiers round of Olympic Games-2020 became a real test of strength and quality for Bangladesh National Women’s Football team.

The Bangladesh girls faced Myanmar, the 44th in the FIFA Senior Women ranking here on Thursday.

The game against the neighboring country provided opportunities for the young girls to gather valuable experience.

Though the scoreline was disappointing with 5 goals conceded and no goals netted, Bangladesh demonstrated true passion through creating chances and providing a real resilience against the hosts.

The starting team of Bangladesh was composed of 5 players from U-16 and the rest from U-18.

The scoreline was 2-0 till the halftime. Both the goals came due to indecisive individual mistakes.

The red and green girls showed their true quality up to 70 minutes.

But, in the final quarter of the game, Bangladesh had to struggle to just cope up against the far strong Myanmar team and started to fade.

In spite of this defeat, Bangladesh Coach Mr Choton expressed his hope as the experience gathered through this match will benefit the young players who are learning very quickly.

Bangladesh will play against India on November 11.

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