Olympic qualifiers campaign a learning experience for BD girls

November 14, 2018

Dhaka: Even though the Bangladesh women’s Olympic team could not register a win in Asian qualifiers of Olympic 2020 women’s football discipline, the team gathered valuable experience which will help the team do better in the future.

In the tournament, Bangladesh played in Group C of Round 1 against India, Nepal and hosts Myanmar.

Bangladesh went down 5-0 in the first match against Myanmar while in the second match, the scoreline was 7-1 against India.

Determined to come out of the bad patch, the team gave it their all in the third and final match against Nepal and secured a 1-1 draw.

The draw is significant from various perspectives. It did not only gave Bangladesh their first point in the Olympic qualifiers but it was also the first time that Bangladesh had not lost a match against Nepal in the senior level.

Many may fail to see the positives gained from the tournament, but the players and staff are confident that the experience earned at this level will help develop women’s football in the days to come.

Bangladesh team had many young players without international experience at this level but yet they fought bravely with stronger and more experienced teams. And the draw earned against Nepal provides that silver lining to look towards the future building on this ‘failure’.

Coach Golam Rabbani Choton is content with his team as the girls gave their best on the pitch.

The team got back in Dhaka on Wednesday afternoon and will soon be joining the Elite Women’s Residency camp.

This is a part of BFF’s efforts to always keep the players under training and keep them battle-ready for any tournament that comes along the way.

The BFF is confident that with training and a little patience, better results would soon be coming Bangladesh’s way.

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