U15 girls ready for final battle with India

August 18, 2018

Bangladesh girls are set to face India in the final game of U-15 Women’s Football Championship which is scheduled to start at 7pm (BST) on Saturday.

Bangladesh, the defending champion of the tournament, will employ all the power to hold the trophy.

They swore by touching football. Anyway, women want to bring Aakoti Trophy to the countrymen.

The u15 girls defeated the Indian girls twice at the first edition of the tournament held in Dhaka.

However, the Bangladesh supporters may get thrilled by those memories. But Mahmuda Akhter, Tahura Khatun, Neela, Monika and Shamsun Nahar are not conscious of those memories as they know the strength of their competitors.

Bangladesh held up the trophy beating India by 1-0 in the final match took place at Dhaka’s Kamalapur Stadium in December last year.

India, meanwhile, considers this match not only a final match but also an opportunity for taking revenge.

On the other hand, head coach Golam Rabbani Choton, BFF’s Strategic Director Paul Smley and assistant coach Sabina Khatun have pocketed their ‘mantra’ in the ears of Bangladesh girls.

It is assumed that most of the Bhutanese will be on India’s side. But there are many Bhutanese who are fascinated by Bangladesh girls’ play.

Bangladesh coach Choton on Thursday told the reporters that his team will play the normal game. He wants just to hold the rhythm.

Captain Maria Manda said, “India is a very strong team. They are experienced. There are some difference-maker in their team. We have to be careful all the way.”

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