Abahani suffer 1-0 defeat against Bashundhara Kings

May 19, 2019

Dhaka: Top contenders of the BPL 2019 faced off in an exciting match on Sunday at the Bangabandhu National Stadium.

The two teams played on par with each other. Attacks from both sides kept the spectators on their toes.

However, Baktyiar Duishobekov took the Bashundhara Kings to the lead at the 39th minute when the referee awarded the team a free kick over a foul.

Baktyiar fired the shot with perfect accuracy, scoring a goal on the top left corner of the post.

The Abahani forwards kept on the rush but failed to score behind the net before the whistle blew.

Bashundhara Kings is now at the top of the table with 40 points, and Abahani stands at second with 33.


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