SAFF: Bangladesh looks forward to semis with optimism

March 17, 2019

Biratnagar: Bangladesh national women’s team is looking forward to the semi-finals with optimism leaving behind the loss against Nepal which occurred due to Nepal’s experience at the senior level which Bangladesh lacked heavily.

However, the young Bangladesh players, mostly still under 18 fared relatively well considering their performance in the second half of the game.

Nepal are a commanding team at senior women’s international level. They have key players in crucial positions and game changing performers in their team.

The maturity and experience needed at this level is difficult to cope with for the young Bangladesh girls as the team is mostly made of U18 players and five of the starting eleven are U16.

Whilst the Bangladesh players compare very well physiologically and with fitness levels, the natural mature physicality which the Nepal women exhibit in abundance is naturally lacking in the Bengal girls. They need more natural development time.

In a 25 minute period in the first half, Bangladesh found it difficult to address a number of Nepalese attacks. Some elementary errors occurred which totally changed the context of the game and put Nepal in a commanding position.

In the second half, Bangladesh players changed their approach, formation and mind set which resulted in a firm resolute rearguard, no further goals and a creation of some good chances.

Head coach Choton termed the match as a great opportunity to learn and improve.

The team now looks forward to the semi-final with optimism.

During a review and evaluation meeting on Saturday night, it was clear that there was a sense of optimism and confidence moving forward to the semi-final.

On Sunday morning, the players were divided up into three separate groups – players that had played against Nepal, players who had not and the rehabilitation group. Each group had their own routine and personalised programme.

Foam rollers, stretch bands and stretching balls were used during the session to aid the players.

The swimming pool was also used for some walking and light stretching.

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