The Football Development Plan sets out a vision towards 2020 and beyond with clear tangible targets for continued football development in Bangladesh. The strategic plan illustrates the game’s priorities over the next few years with a vision and dream towards the future as highlighted in the road map lead up to 2028. The focus over this period is on key technical ‘pillars’ — Referee Development, Medical and Sports Science, Professional Clubs & Leagues, Elite Player Development, Women’s Football, Grassroots, Coach Education & Development and Competitions. The development of the game both short and long term revolve around these eight strategic football pillars. All of the interdependent pillars are equally important so the development of the game depends on all of the strategic pillars moving forward in a systematic well concerted manner. Action plans have been formulated around these pillars to be implemented up to and through 2020. The federation’s budget and organisational structure has also been aligned accordingly. The plan envisions a uniform structure of developing regional grassroots youth coaches and support throughout the divisions, districts and sub-districts in Bangladesh. We will select and recruit the gifted, talented and elite players across age groups from U12-U19 both male and female. We will support the next generation of coaches throughout sub-districts, districts and divisions, help sustain club structure and provide club development resources, we will continue to work closely with the professional clubs, in terms of elite player and coach development and provide support across all technical departments. We will assist with their administration structure. We are reemphasizing a referee development plan that aligns with the plan for comprehensive support and education for such match officials. The federation will be structured to provide professional service to the game in all areas and funds will also be aligned for continuity and sustainability in the long run. We will synergise and synchronise the competition calendar up trough 2020 to allow innovation, uniform approach and careful communication for all stakeholders. Competitions drive Development. With that in mind, BFF envisioned a 4-year competition model and structure from 2017 for its third phase building on development phases 1 & 2. In this phase, the federation will be looking to engage and enrich the ‘Next Generation of Teachers, Players, Coaches and everyone involved in the game. Professional support services are imperative for our Academies and National Teams to be able to compete and to set best practice environments that attracts the best young talent. The need for support services is particularly relevant in Bangladesh where clubs are under resourced and players are not provided with the necessary education. The national teams will utilise technology in sports science where possible to give our teams the best possible opportunity to compete in SAFF and AFC competitions.