Players must always feel supported: Dean May

At a special interview preceding the Bangladesh vs Cambodia friendly, Bangladesh Goalkeeping Coach Dean Kenneth May sat down to give his thoughts regarding the match and overall team expectations. “We only have 3 days,” May said, adding, “Our focus is to get the players ready for the match.” May added that they’ll be working on integrating different training methods so that the players have a good understanding of the work. “I’ll also need to prepare the training for the goalkeepers according to Jamie’s philosophy, according to his game plan and how he wants the team to play. Specific plans for the AFC qualifiers have not been finalized yet. All staff members will sit for a meeting after the Cambodia match and then we’ll finalize our plans for the U23 tournament,” he said. “However, my target is to create a friendly environment for the players in which they are happy to try things and make mistakes in training. It’s important that the players don’t feel chastised for making mistakes while trying new things. This way, their development will be healthier and they’ll be able to integrate new skills to their game. So, it’s imperative that the players always feel supported,” he added further. When asked whether his previous visits to Bangladesh as a goalkeeping coach education tutor to conduct AFC courses played any role in accepting this short-term contract, he said, “I’ve been to Bangladesh twice and I have some friends there. So, yes, that did play a role in taking up this contract. And I also keep a tab on what’s happening in the football arena of Bangladesh and how the game is developing in the country. So, it’s good to have an opportunity to work with the team closely.” The duration of May’s contract is from March 5-27. Regarding any chances of contract extension or a future permanent contract, he said he cannot say that for sure right now. “It depends on the BFF authority first. Besides I have to have to think about other things while making a long-term commitment. I have my family in Australia and whether the contract will be compatible with that is a question for the future. So, no definite decision regardless it is positive or negative can be made at the moment.”
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